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wire shelving

Dongguan Yingguang Metalware Co., LTD  is located in Dongguan City of Southern China, by the side of 105 state road , with convenient transportation. Established in 1987, We have a long history specializing in making household products and industrail products, including storage racks, clothes racks, shoe racks, kitchen racks, dish racks, wine rack, anti-static industrial racks, heavy duty commercial wire shelving,PCB Trolley, PCB rack,Drying rack,Stencil rack,SMT reel rack, Stainless steel rack,DIY hardware products and stainless steel cabinet,etc.

We have a 15,000-square-meter factory housing 200 employees and five production lines, managed by ERP system. Our facility is equipped with advanced machinery including automatic & semi-automatic welding machines, CO2 welding machines, automatic punching machines, metal wire cutting machines, wire wave rolling machines, wire bending machines, tube bending machine, polishing machine and salty spray testing machine. The finishing we can offer are powder coating, chrome plating, Zinc plating and Zinc plated with powder coating, etc. , We have our own product testing center to make some professional quality inspection by ourselves , including salty and spray test, coating thickness test, corrosion resistance test, loading capacity test, tension test, shelf center distance test and packing dropping test, etc. Besides, we arrange 30 quality inspectors on the production line to do full inspection of each shelf and each post. With our specific process of quality control, we require our workers to carry out self-inspection, mutual inspection and sampling inspection based on the inspection standard of MIL STD-105G . New product design and development is operated in house. With some professional engineers and designers.

Our products are much popular thanks to their special features like steady structure, heavy duty loading capacity, add on design ,adjustable height and elegant package, etc, They can be easily DIY installed, which are widely used in kitchens, parlors, bedrooms, offices, department stores, hotels, factories and showing rooms. OEM & ODM orders are warmly welcome. 

Owing to our good quality, competitive price, rapid delivery and utmost customer services, our products have been selling well in more than 40 countries and regions around the world such as Japan, the United States, Canada, Germany, Spain, Italy, the UK,France, Netherlands, Korea, New Zealand, Malaysia, Australia, the Middle East and South Africa. We hereby thank all customers. And we shall work harder, incessantly exploit and innovate, devote to the household line, and build new style for furniture trends.